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Your 1st Brazilian Wax

  • All the hair is removed from front to the back, side to side and everything in-between. Of course I will take as little or as much hair as you request there is no requirement.

  • A patch or strip can be left if desired but most clients prefer everything removed.

  • Special waxes are used during your Brazilian wax to assure maximum comfort.  

  • It is not as uncomfortable as your would think.  Most people who receive the Brazilian wax continue on a regular basis.

  • Each visit becomes easier because the hair grows back thinner.

  • Most customers see about a 40% 50% reduction in growth after only 5 to 6 visits.


First time visits usually take about 15-20 Min.   We also take a little longer during your initial Brazilian waxing service to assure you're comfortable. I remove the hair in tiny strips minimizing any discomfort associated with a Brazilian wax. the professionals!

  • I'm very particular and concentrate on providing the most sanitary procedure assuring you are safe. 

  • You may also book your appointment on-line if you prefer.


What To Expect!

  • First take a deep breath and relax. It is going to OK!

  • Comfortable and private atmosphere 

  • Sanitary environment

  • A knowledgeable and professional waxing expert

  • A quick and comfortable Brazilian Waxing service

  • A cooling treatment will be applied to soothe & cool the skin,

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