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Jenna Nicole Stevens



I have always had a natural obsession with hair removal and that is what attracted me to this career.


I was very self-conscious about the hair growth on my legs that I shaved at very young age which lead to dark, sharp hairs poking out of my inner thighs.


I have tried every type of hair removal that there is and have found that waxing is the most efficient way to tame unsightly hairs.

I was Valedictorian of Paul Mitchell's Skin Academy and graduated with Honors.


I was awarded a Legacy Scholarship from the International Dermal Institute for a creative submission displaying my passion and enthusiasm for my future in skin care.


My infatuation with the skin and the sensations and smells of spa treatments empowers me and drives me to learn as much as I can so I may provide the most valuable experiences for my clients.

I promote well-being!

I absorb as much knowledge, techniques and training at every opportunity.


I have taken advanced classes on treating sensitive skin, acne treatments & triggers, advanced facial massage, international facial treatments & techniques and by experiencing treatments from other providers.

I continue my education so that I may ensure that I'm always providing safe, beneficial, and unique treatments that are most pleasing.


I take pride in your results.


I provide treatment after care and education so that best results are achieved.


I hope that you take comfort in knowing that I personally and regularly receive all of the services I provide.


I can explain in detail all you want to know from my own experience.

​All of my treatments and services are conducted inside my private spa treatment room inside Bellus Spa in Historical Folsom.

You will feel ultimately relaxed, warm, and completely at ease. 

~ Jenna ~

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