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Health & Safety

How healthy is this "sugar water" really?

I will let you read for yourself what convinced me.

Why is Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning so dedicated to my safety and health?

Aviva Labs is a spinoff of a biotech company. Our founders have between them a Ph.D. in biochemistry, a medical degree, and a degree in science (mechanical engineering). In fact, the Ph.D., in addition to running his biotech company, is a professor at the prestigious Northeastern University. The biotech company was founded by scientists from Harvard and MIT. This means we approach skincare from an analytical, scientific angle. You are dealing with professionals, not some amateurs stirring something together in their kitchen. We understand not just how to mix ingredients together, but also why ingredients work. Our solutions are formulated specifically to target the high standards dermatologists would seek. This is why we have more dermatology clinics, med-spas, and plastic surgery clinics that trust Aviva Labs than any other brand. Most competitors' solutions contain 25-32 ingredients, but we have counted some as high as 40 ingredients. Aviva Labs' formula contains just 13 ingredients.

Because we have the world's healthiest spray tan solution, more dermatology clinics choose us over any other sunless brand. Aviva Lab's company motto, Beauty Today. Health for Life.™ has remained the same and reflects our unwavering focus on health.

“This is going to sound funny but I am not only the President of my spray tanning business, I am a customer too! I have tried many different solutions/products but Aviva is the only solution that gives my tired, dry skin the moisturizing & rejuvenation it needs. I would spray my body with Aviva even if I didn't need a tan just for the youthful appearance it gives my skin. I also love that the effects of the rejuvenation are immediate & long-lasting.” —Patti Hood, Owner, Shades of Extravagance, Crystal Springs, MS

What's in Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning Solutions?

Most competitors don't list their ingredients on their website. Usually they will list a few of their “hero” ingredients, the ones they want people to see publicly. In contrast, we are very proud of our ingredients and have nothing to hide. Aviva Labs' formula contains just 13 ingredients. We have listed our ingredients publicly since our first day in business in 2003. Since the FDA doesn't regulate the skincare industry, we see many competitors who don't even list their ingredients on the label of their bottle (even though this is required by the FDA), or they will intentionally omit ingredients from their list. We have purchased and tested competitors' products that listed three ingredients, but our lab tests showed at least 22 ingredients. Therefore, you can't believe all the marketing hype you hear from a company. Aviva Labs' formula contains the following 13 ingredients.

Why is it important to have an Oil-Free formula?

Oil (usually Aloe Vera) is used in most competitors' sunless tanning formulas but not ours. Aloe is a fantastic moisturizer; we just believe it doesn't belong in sunless tanning solutions. Though beneficial in other cosmetics and skincare products, Aloe Vera has many negative side effects when used in sunless tanners. Oil can dramatically slow drying times, clog pores and HVLP spray guns, plus stain clothes and bed sheets. Aloe-based or oil-based products also require more air compressor pressure to spray, are more difficult to clean up, and often require the addition of alcohol (which introduces a whole new set of problems) to speed up the drying time. Aviva Labs does NOT use Aloe Vera in our sunless tanners. Instead, we developed a unique, new product that is water-based (oil-free) rather than Aloe Vera-based (oil-based.) Aviva Labs' solution is highly moisturizing, yet it dries in seconds, rather than minutes like Aloe Vera-based solutions.

Why is it important to have an Alcohol-Free formula?

Alcohol is usually added into oil-based (Aloe Vera) solutions to speed up the long drying times. Alcohol is very drying to the skin and can cause irritation. Furthermore, alcohol intensifies degradation of DHA and thus shortens the shelf life of the product.

Why is it important to have a Fragrance-Free formula?

Fragrance is the #1 cause of allergic reactions. Most sunless solutions have almost overpowering fruity or flowery smells. Their other ingredients smell so strong that lots of fragrance must be used to mask the chemicals. We spent much more time developing our products at the beginning to find the best quality, most expensive ingredients that have the least scent, so that our solutions have no smell and don't need fragrance.

Why is it important to have an Erythrulose-Free spray tan solution?

We will never ever use Erythrulose in our products. It's used in about 90% of competitors' products. They claim that, similar to DHA, Erythrulose causes the tan to look “better, darker, last longer, etc.” Not only is the performance of Erythrulose negligible, but Erythrulose is not FDA-approved. This doesn't necessarily mean it is unsafe, but until it is approved we will not touch it for our products.

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