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Treating Teen Acne

I have a successful strategy to assist your teen with their skin struggles.

My teen treatment program includes:

  • Education on skin functioning

  • Tips & triggers for acne prone skin

  • Best hygiene practices

  • Results driven skin treatments

  • Face mapping to track results

  • Written professional product recommendations 

  • Detailed home care instructions with professional product use techniques

  • Results & tools to maintain them

Clear skin is not achieved with one magical facial.


So, for my teen clients I have a set price of $75 that way treating the skin regularly & purchasing the required home care products is  not the usual financial hardship that it may be with other providers or medications.

With the capped price of $75 that will not cap my treatment options.


Teen treatments may include microdermabrasion or chemical exfoliation, extractions, high frequency and other facial tools for achieving maximum results.


They might even make your skin jealous that all will be provided for your child at this generous low rate.

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