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Skin Treatments


I proudly utilize Image Skincare products in all of my treatments and provide education and home care regimens available for purchase.

Image Skincare is a Certified Organic cosmecuetical skincare line ,effective and afordable, it is one of the fastest growing in the world with the most innovative technology.

Exclusively providing Vectorize Technology™ which utilizes up to 100 layers of active ingredients such as stem cells and peptides into sphere-like molecular structures.


Once applied to the skin, the encapsulated ingredients are time-released, layer after layer, offering deeper product penetration for a prolonged period of time while delivering unparalleled results.

Skin Treatments
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Basic Facial: $75

This skin treatment focuses on only the face. It will resurface and treat the skin revealing a beautiful fresh complexion.

Includes detoxifying & purifying skin cleansing, a quick exfoliation a custom treatment masque to target concerns & achieve results, followed by hydrating protection, eye & lip complex.

Signature Facial: $85

This skin treatment focuses on the face, neck and declotte. This is the best

maintenance for the entire upper body and will give you a clean slate for any skipped evenings or rushed care you have been doing at home yourself.

Includes detoxifying & purifying skin cleansing, a thorough exfoliation a custom treatment masque to target concerns & achieve results, followed by serum + hydrating protection, eye & lip complex.


Advanced Care: $95

This is the ultimate treatment that enables me to achieve the most results for the skin that needs more correction.

Includes detoxifying & purifying skin cleansing, thorough exfoliation by enzymatic or chemical means, steaming, extractions, suction, & or high frequency, treatment masque, treatment serum, protection, eye treatment complex, and lip treatment. 


The Signature Facelift: $100

My signature, results-driven preparation treatment will change the IMAGE of your skin in just one session. Vitamin C, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, and gentle yet effective enzymes speed up cellular turnover lightening, tightening and brightening all skin types; even Rosacea prone and sensitive skin types.


Ultimate Back Treatment: $125

This is an amazing body treatment that can target those hard to reach breakouts and black heads. For those of you without that concern it can just be an incredible treatment for that hard to reach skin.

Treatment includes:

Steam crawling up your back the entire time as I crawl hot towels up and down your back creatively applying and removing  formulas with the most relaxing and enjoyable techniques.


Your skin will be double cleansed professionally exfoliated, if necessary extractions & high frequency will be performed, then a custom treatment masque will be massaged into the skin, concluded with a deep moisturizing Vital C treatment which will leave you with a healthy, hydrated skin.

Additional Treatment Options

Eye Lift Treatment: $15

This two layer revolutionary eye treatment combines the anti-aging properties of retinol to tighten, the antioxidant, healing properties of Vitamin C to lighten and hydrating serums soothe tired and dehydrated eyes, plus water-binding properties of Hyaluronic Acid to create a younger, more youthful eye area.


Advanced Facial Massage: $45

Maintain a youthful appearance, while warding off the fine lines and wrinkles of the natural aging process while boosting your well being through ultimate relaxation. Enjoy a purifying cleanse, complete advanced facial massage, hydration and protection.


Designer Facial Enhancers: $15

25% Vitamin C Enhancer a stable form of Vitamin C that provides anti-oxidants, lightens and stimulates collagen synthesis.

25% Hyaluronic Acid Enhancer provides super hydration and instantly plumps skin in just one application.

25% Kocic Acid Enhancer skin lightener/brightener treats all forms of pigmentation including sun spots, Melasma, and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

25% Retinol Enhancer provides Vitamin A to stimulate collagen synthesis, treat acne and increase cellular turnover.

25% Anti-oxidant Enhancer contains 15 anti-oxidants. Reduce free radicals and decrease cell damage plus botanical lighteners and soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals.

5% Stem Cell Enhancer is an intensive, highly preventative booster serum designed to add high level active ingredients such as stem cell BV-OSC and potent botanicals to achieve maximum protection against aging skin and damaged cells.

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